The choir at Swanbourne Primary School is voluntary and an option for all students from year 4 to 7. The choir rehearses on Friday mornings at 8.00am to 8.45am in the music room.


The ANZAC Day service is always an important event at Swanbourne and one in which the choir performs with great pride.


The Band is voluntary and available to any student who can play an instrument. Each year a rather unusual combination of instrumentalists gather to make music together. This year we have Flutes, Trumpets, Violins, Guitar, Keyboards and Drums. The band rehearses every Thursday morning at 8.00am to 8.45am in the music room.

Instrumental Program

The instrumental program offered at Swanbourne commences in Year 5.The School of Instrumental Music (SIM) allocates teachers to the school to teach flute and trumpet/trombone. Students selected for the program receive free lessons until the end of year 6.

The Talent Show

The talent show has become an annual event at Swanbourne. Any student can audition to be in the talent show and each year we see a great variety of wonderful performances. The choir and band always commence the show.