As an Independent Public School (IPS), the Swanbourne Primary School community has the opportunity to define the parameters and control the elements that create the conditions for a high performing school culture.

In essence, we have the ability to implement decisions that we make as a school communty. Becoming an Independent Public School provides us with the opportunity to continue building a school that is founded on excellence. You can see our commitment to excellence - it is reflected by our high achieving students, our strong partnerships with corporate and community groups and the energy an enthusiasm of our staff and parents.   

The opportunities for continued improvement, as an Independent Public School, are signficant. The responsibility and prime accountability criteria for our decisions is improved student outcomes. We welcome the opportunity of increased independence and the responsibility of being accountable for the outcomes we achieve for our students.

Community surveys demonstrate that members of our school community find great value in our willingness to implement innovative programs. Our programs focus on developing the cognitive, affective and psycho-motor learning domains of every student.

Many years ago families simply sent their children to their local school. In recent years, families have been more willing to exercise a choice when selecting a school for their child. Family aspirations and values play an important part in the decision of which school will suit the needs of the family.

It has been our experience that parents are seeking schools that, amongst other things, offer a challenging and caring learning environment. Undoubtedly, parents want their child to enjoy their school day and be valued by their peers and the broader school community. Swanbourne PS meets all of these criteria and many families have chosen to trust us with their child.  

Many families also choose to enrol their child at Swanbourne PS so that they can access our innovative programs, our supportive and friendly community and our commitment to excelling in everything that we do. 


The ‘Kids Together – Sharing Cultures – Sharing Schools’ program is a unique partnership developed between the La Grange Remote Community School (Bidyadanga community) and the Swanbourne Primary School community. This learning experience aims to provide our students with experiences that will afford them the ability to appreciate the value of differing world views and this enables them to become inclusive citizens.



An exciting new addition to the ‘Kids Together – Sharing Cultures – Sharing Schools’ program will see our school establish a wonderful partnership with a primary school in Fiji. This is aimed at giving the 'Kids Together' program an international perspective. The combination of both programs will provide the skills, knowledge and understandings necessary for the each student to become a competent ‘global citizen’. (2.94 mb PDF). We are currently developing a 2017 itinerary for our Fijian partners.

The ‘right’ school builds children’s academic, social and emotional skills, gathers a diverse group of classmates and potential friends, and helps to prepare children for the world..."

What do parents look for in their child's school?  (1.24mb PDF)

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The School Board, P&C members, staff, parents, our corporate friends and our students have the view that you will quickly discover how your family and your child can benefit from joining our school community.

If you require any further information please email, call, or make an appointment for a personal tour of the school.

We welcome the opportunity to meet families who are keen to join us and contribute to building a positive and freindly school community.



Teaching & Learning

Teaching and learning programs are continually adjusted to focus on specific student needs and the extension of more capable students. The school focus is on differentiating the curriculum so that the school can better meets the needs of all students.


Swanbourne Primary School is a dynamic and successful learning environment. We have acquired a reputation for delivering exceptional educational value for all families.

Extra CurriculaR

Swanbourne Primary School is known for the extra curricular activities that they provide for their students. These social and emotional programs provide learning for the 'whole child' so they can become independent lifelong learners.


Essential and practical information for parents.

New to Swanbourne
primary school?

We purposefully set and expect high standards to develop the cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth of each student along with family support.