Acts of Kindness
Improve our mind, our health and our community.

'Believe there is Kindness' is about the power each of us have to make a difference

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The purpose of Project Kindness is to remind us that our own small positive choices and acts of care for others add up to make the world what it is. Research is clear that acts of kindness toward others increase compassion, reduce stress and improve optimism in children. We hope to track how many acts of kindness ripple through the community and let children know what a difference small acts make.

Each student in the school receive a SPS Project Kindness card. Their task is to look for an opportunity to perform a random act of kindness toward someone in the community without expecting or receiving anything in return. It may be offering to carry someone’s shopping to their car, wheeling in a neighbour’s bin, or weeding a garden bed without being asked. When they do they will leave the card behind for the person – either in person or anonymously. The card invites this person to also notice and consider a chance to ‘pay it forward’ through their own act of kindness toward someone else, and so on.

Please talk to your child about a considered act of kindness they might undertake with their card – preferably one they would not have undertaken without this project. If you receive an act of kindness as a parent, please pay it forward in your work and other networks too.

We would love it if you notice the impacts of this on your child, a recipient, or anyone else in the community for you to send a short comment to the Project Kindness email on the card

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.