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Dress Code

The Swanbourne Primary School Board has established a dress code for all students. Acceptance of enrolment assumes an agreement that the enrolling student will dress within the guidelines of the Code.

The School Board supports the wearing of school uniform and believes that the school dress code is important as it can:

  • Help promote a positive image of oneself and the school;
  • Reflect pride in both the school and individuals;
  • Help create a sense of identity for the students;
  • Address health and safety issues; and
  • Address equity issues.


School colours are royal blue and white, and the school tartan is blue, white and green.

  • All items of school uniform are available for purchase from the Uniform Shop.
  • No logos other than the school logo will be permitted to be worn.
  • Footwear must be appropriate for the activity.
  • Thongs are not appropriate for any normal school day activities.

Swanbourne Primary School Dress Code

Students are strongly encouraged to wear the school uniform at all times, as agreed through the School Board.

  • All clothes worn to school should be clean, safe and appropriate for school activities.
  • The wearing of jewellery is discouraged. In the interests of safety no dangling earrings or loose neck chains are permitted.
  • Hair which is touching the shoulder must be tied back neatly.
  • Footwear must be suitable for general activities, including sport. No thongs, beach sandals or high heeled shoes are permitted.

Students need to meet the dress code to attend official school activities such as excursions, camps and sporting events.

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