dynamic and successful
learning environment


dynamic and successful
learning environment


dynamic and successful
learning environment


dynamic and successful
learning environment


dynamic and successful
learning environment

We are a school that recognises that there are many different styles of learning. Teachers engage students in meaningful learning programs that are based on extensive planning and a ‘whole of school approach’.


Swanbourne Primary School P&C

SPS P&C group is parent run. Within the auspice of the P&C there are several focus areas listed below. We invite and encourage all parents to become involved in any way they can. This provides an excellent opportunity to meet other parents and children with the school and ensure that each family feel part of the community of Swanbourne Primary School.

Class Room Representatives

Each class has a parent (or two) who volunteers to be the Class Representative. We encourage the Class Rep to help organize a couple of social events with class parents e.g. Morning teas, dinners or drinks to help parents get to know each other. This is particularly important if new families come into the class. The Class representative is also a valuable resource for the classroom teacher and will give some assistance in coordinating the ‘Run for Fun’ September Event e.g. organizing a class roster. This is a wonderful way to get involved in the school

Fundraising and Social

P&C Fundraising at the school has a very important role in generating the income to support additional initiatives (i.e. Edu-dance, school play ground equipment, shading). Several functions and events are organized each year including bi-annual children disco, ‘Run for Fun’, Welcome BBQ, & movie night.


SPS  Healthy Food Canteen is run through Flexischools online

Uniform Shop

Uniform shop is supported through SPS P&C and is ordered thrpough Flexischools online

Environment Committee

Works tirelessly creating the school recycle systems and has created the classroom vegetable gardens, planted the fruit trees and organized more trees for shade.

Grounds Committee

Continues to review and create new playgrounds and shade for the whole school

Other substantial committees are:

  • Early Childhood
  • Educational Support
  • Music/Choir/Drama
  • Road Safe
  • School Council Representative

P&C contributions have created many additions e.g.:

‘Run for Fun’ annual event, space net, playground equipment, early childhood outside play equipment, Edu-dance, funding yr6&7 graduation books, speech pathology and OT within early childhood, Allen Park Ceramics, tree planting, drama production, vegetable gardens.

Swanbourne Primary School P&C looks forward continually meet new faces with new ideas and energies to continue the encouraging start we have received from our Principal and teaching staff this week.

If you want to ask further about P&C please contact us.

Teaching & Learning

Teaching and learning programs are continually adjusted to focus on specific student needs and the extension of more capable students. The school focus is on differentiating the curriculum so that the school can better meets the needs of all students.


Swanbourne Primary School is a dynamic and successful learning environment. We have acquired a reputation for delivering exceptional educational value for all families.

Extra CurriculaR

Swanbourne Primary School is known for the extra curricular activities that they provide for their students. These social and emotional programs provide learning for the 'whole child' so they can become independent lifelong learners.


Essential and practical information for parents.

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We purposefully set and expect high standards to develop the cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth of each student along with family support.