dynamic and successful
learning environment


dynamic and successful
learning environment


dynamic and successful
learning environment


dynamic and successful
learning environment


dynamic and successful
learning environment

We are a school that recognises that there are many different styles of learning. Teachers engage students in meaningful learning programs that are based on extensive planning and a ‘whole of school approach’.


Swanbourne Primary School is a dynamic and successful learning environment. 

In 2017 Swanbourne Primary School commences the school year as an Independent Public School. An independent panel of educational experts recommended that the school be declared as an IPS following a very competitive selection process. The IPS program is highly sought after by schools.

Inclusion in the IPS program provides the principal with increased freedom to make decisions about matters that impact student outcomes; student support, staff recruitment, financial management, governance and accountability.

As much as our IPS status is forward looking - the success of the school is built on a very proud history of achievement, innovation and connection to community. 

The staff employ a variety of strategies that enable them to understand each and every child. Student performance data informs whole of school teaching programs. The staff use the performance data and their knowledge of contemporary teaching practices to develop and nurture the educational and social development in their students.

A 'case management' model is employed to ensure that our parents have the opportunity to participate in the development of their children. The development of partnerships between teachers and parents is a school imperative.

At Swanbourne Primary School all staff focus on developing the cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth of each student.

We expect, establish and maintain high standards in all aspects of school life. The staff have established innovative systems and structures aimed at supporting each student so that they are equipped to meet and exceed their learning goals. 

As a school community, we want much, much more for all of our students other than for them to merely, “reach their potential”.

Potential is a useful starting point. However, it is an impractical, imprecise and ellusive aspiration.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to see more - personal tours allow you to see our inspiring School in action, full of happy confident students!

Happy year 3 friends working together on their overnight school camp out - November 2016

Teaching & Learning

Teaching and learning programs are continually adjusted to focus on specific student needs and the extension of more capable students. The school focus is on differentiating the curriculum so that the school can better meets the needs of all students.


Swanbourne Primary School is a dynamic and successful learning environment. We have acquired a reputation for delivering exceptional educational value for all families.

Extra CurriculaR

Swanbourne Primary School is known for the extra curricular activities that they provide for their students. These social and emotional programs provide learning for the 'whole child' so they can become independent lifelong learners.


Essential and practical information for parents.

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We purposefully set and expect high standards to develop the cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth of each student along with family support.