Challenge, connection and change are core principles of all programs at Swanbourne Primary School. The initiatives and programs are designed to provide opportunities for all students.

Swanbourne staff are committed to providing evidenced based teaching and learning programs that are guided by precise systematic performance data.

Swanbourne Primary School provides students with an array of learning experiences. These learning experiences focus on the cognitive, affective and psycho-motor domains of learning.

Teaching & Learning

Teaching and learning programs are continually adjusted to focus on specific student needs and the extension of more capable students. The school focus is on differentiating the curriculum so that the school can better meets the needs of all students.


Swanbourne Primary School is a dynamic and successful learning environment. We have acquired a reputation for delivering exceptional educational value for all families.

Extra CurriculaR

Swanbourne Primary School is known for the extra curricular activities that they provide for their students. These social and emotional programs provide learning for the 'whole child' so they can become independent lifelong learners.


Essential and practical information for parents.

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We purposefully set and expect high standards to develop the cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth of each student along with family support.