Swanbourne Primary School has acquired an enviable reputation for providing unique extra curricula learning experiences.

Throughout the school year, our committed staff and volunteers offer their time and resources to support programs unique to our school.

Year 1
Rottnest Island Exploration and Island Circumnavigation Day (term 4).   

Year 2
Penguin Island Explorers Day (Term 1).

Year 3
School Camp Out – (Term 4) 

Year 4
Perth Zoo Camp (overnight) (Term 2)

Year 5
1. Marine Education Program (Junior Crew) - Friday - Weeks 3 to 9 of Term 4

2. Rottnest Camp (3 Days) - Term 4

3. ‘Kids Together – Sharing Schools – Sharing Cultures’ Term 4

4. Year 5 /6 Musical - Drama Production - TBA

Year 6
1. Marine Education Program (Canoeing and Snorkelling) Friday - weeks 3 to 9 of Term 1

2. Dampier Junior Leadership Development Camp. This is a 7 day camp that includes a 3 day camp out on a remote island in the Dampier Archipelago. It has proven to be the highlight for all students. Attendance at this camp is a much lokked forward to event. Students commence anticipating their involvement from when they are in year 1.

Camp Objectives:

Preserverance and Resilience - We plan learning experiences that enable students to learn how to pick themselves up and try again when things don't go as they expect.

Self-Management - We plan learning experiences that enable students to learn to regulate their emotions so that they can deal with stress, control their impulses and motivate themselves to overcoming obstacles. Self-management skills enable students to set and monitor their progress towards the achievement of personal and academic goals and to express their emotions appropriately.

Responsible Decision Making - We plan learning experiences that enable students to make decision based on a consideration of relevant factors, including ethical standards, safety concerns, and social norms. Camp activities encourage students to ask, "... how do my actions affect others and what are the likely consequences of taking an alternative course of action?"

This program has been developed via a collaborative 10 year partnership with the specialist team at the Pilbara Camp School.

3. ‘Kids Together – Sharing Schools – Sharing Cultures’ : Attending this unique excursion camp is invitation only after a student has submitted an application and attending an interview. Each successful student particpates in a highly rewarding and a signficant learning experience.  

2017 – we are currently negotiating a visit from a primary school in Fiji and a return visit by our students to Fiji.

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We purposefully set and expect high standards to develop the cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth of each student along with family support.